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Diver's Security Insurance
(800) 288-4810


Standard Plan
$25 to $60 US (Class A: $25, Class B: $10, Class C: $5, Class D: $20. Minimum total: $25.)

Covers :

Class A: Chamber treatment, attending physician, related expenses.
Class B: All other injuries when diving and snorkelling.
Class C: Transportation (air, water or ground) to nearest hospital or emergency facility.
Class D: Other watersports or boating injuries.

Limit :

$15,000 per class per accident.

Not covered :

Accidents on the deck of the dive boat.
Classes A, B and C exclude nondiving accident.

Depth or gas limit :

Intentionally below 120 feet.
Mixed gas other then recreational Nitrox (i.e., Nitrox is covered).

Other coverage :

Classes A, B and C exclude injuries aboard cruise ships.
Class D excludes jet skis, boat racing and parasailling.

Comments :

In-water coverage only.
Coinsurance only.
You must have primary health insurance.


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